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According to the law in force, if a PV system has installed capacity greater than 500 kWp, it is required to obtain a license from the legal authorities. For a smaller-capacity systems there is no obligation to obtain a license. However, regardless of what capacity will be installed, all PV Supply systems linked to existing power grid are expected to be fulfilled technical requirements. We can offer advisory services that you may need when you apply for a license and / or when your system is connected to the grid network.
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According to the results of financial analysis for investment, without incentives, photovoltaic systems for commercial gain are still not seen as investment. Implemented in many European countries and the United States supply tariffs (FIT's), investment grants, tax exemption etc. photovoltaic projects with different investment models encourage investors began to attract attention. Renewable Energy Law of Turkey, the current form is inadequate and does not encourage investors to make investment for PV systems. However, still pending on the agenda of the Parliament Act to be adopted in case of change in our country offer incentive systems are expected to take life. According to the incentive model be adopted to encourage investment , we shall provide consulting services to our clients by finding the most appropriate financial resources.
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